A low impact Pilates class with specific focus on controlled movements aimed at strengthening, toning, lengthening and sculpting the physique.

A fusion of dynamic Pilates methods, this full-body workout works multiple muscle groups with the use of equipment such as weights, resistance bands and MOTRs.

The MOTR is ideal for Pilates fans, as this is the newer more versatile version of a reformer. Allowing for more range of motion and more dynamic programming.

What to expect… A full head to toe Pilates warm up on the mat followed by a 4 – 6 station circuit which will be repeated.


A class designed to engage the mind whilst conditioning the whole body. With a combined focus on strength and flexibility. A class to improve muscle tone, body alignment, flexibility, coordination and balance, to produce longer leaner muscles. Lottie will make the necessary adaptations and modifications to suit everyone’s unique needs.

Pilates Class
Pilates Stretches


Designed for bodies that want a more gentle pace, this class is geared to build core strength, balance, coordination and flexibility helping to improve posture, while moving at a slower pace. A class that is centred around the Pilates fundamentals and suitable for those with no previous experience and for people with injuries or joint issues.


Improve your golfing performance and prolong your golfing career with the help of Lottie’s expertise. Gain increased mobility, build stability and improve the overall golf swing. Improve range of motion in the shoulders and hips and develop greater torso rotation, all major components of an outstanding swing. Lottie's method of teaching will add power and strength to your game, whilst helping you stay injury free.

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